Nosturi is ELEVATED

What a night we had yesterday! 
It was so much fun to finally get the chance to share this new music with you live. A lot of people showed up and we had amazing sound thanks to HÖG Light & Sound.  It has been so many hours working on this album and to see the songs really come alive at Nosturi was awesome!

Thank you all for being there and follow us on facebook for news and new concerts. And until we meet again at some venue in the future: You’ll always have the album!

Pictures by: Katri Kurisjärvi, Hanna Räisänen, Hannu Halonen 

Everyday was christmas

We had an awesome week at Sonic Pump studios, recording our debut album. The feeling of being in constant creative mode combined with the ambition to perform at the top of your capacity is both exhausting and rewarding. When we finally made the last track on Sunday evening we were very happy with what we have done and also very thankful for excellent craftsmanship from studioengineers Eero Kaukomies and Tomas Niemistö.

Now the fun part of mixing is ahead of us and soon you will have the result in a device close to you on loud volume!

Here are some pictures from our happy days in Sonic Pump.


Let’s make a record!

So, it’s official! Last night we visited Sonic Pump Studios to get up close and personal with what will be our home for mid-december.  If you listen close to the album you might even hear some jinglebells 😉 Sonic Pump is one of the best studios in town (Amorphis, Sonata Artica, Apocalyptica and more) and we had a great feeling exploring the enormous space.

We will do additional recordings at our dearest Loiste productions and if all goes as planned there will be new music available in the beginning of the year and album release 1.3.2019. More info about the release is coming soon, but make sure to clear your calendar for that date!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for behind the scenes from the studio!


A big month for the Diesel!

A month doesn’t get that much better then this and first of all we want to thank all of you guys who have voted and cheered for us at Vegatoppen and Emergenza. We are grateful and honored and it feels like we really have a good thing going on here.

Now we’ll go back in the rehearsalroom with new energy to write new songs for the coming album and when May comes we will be ready for the Emergenza final (Save the date: 12.5) –  and shows at Semifinal, Bar Rock Bear and On The Rocks.

This is not the end – it’s just the beginning!

Pics from Emergenza first round at Bar loose – by Kalle Kervinen (

Where will this trip take us, baby?

2018 have started with a bang in the Superdiesel universe. The new single “High On Your Love” is ready and released together with the music video and we’re doing what we can to use it to spread the word about the band. This phase in a bands story is both fun and frustrating when you struggle to get the attention that you think you deserve. But there is a lot of good bands out there and it’s hard to break through the wall of information that we all face. Anyway we’re happy that the song is out there, and lets see “where this trip will take us, baby”. If you wan’t to help out, make sure to put the song in your spotify playlists and share the video!

In other news we will participate in the Emergenza band competition/festival, wich at least will give us a fun gig in Helsinki with hopefully a big crowd. We would love to have you there to support us – join the event on facebook and we will get in touch about getting tickets.


Whats next?

On our way back from our 4th gig and it’s time to ask: Whats next?

This fall has been the rise of Superdiesel and last nights gig in Tampere was another step in a good direction. People are asking about when we will release new music or when the next gig is, and I’m here to tell you that we have a plan… =)

So far every step of this plan has been fulfilled within schedule and we have no indications that anything will stop the diesels from humming.  So according to this plan we will release 1 or 2 songs before 2017 ends. So that’s what we’re going to do now for a while, concentrate on writing songs and recording.

But we have some shows in the pipeline for spring 2018, so stay tuned and we’ll talk about it as soon as we have it confirmed.

Here are some pics from the gig at Lepakkomies!
Take care and rock hard!