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Whats next?

On our way back from our 4th gig and it’s time to ask: Whats next?

This fall has been the rise of Superdiesel and last nights gig in Tampere was another step in a good direction. People are asking about when we will release new music or when the next gig is, and I’m here to tell you that we have a plan… =)

So far every step of this plan has been fulfilled within schedule and we have no indications that anything will stop the diesels from humming.  So according to this plan we will release 1 or 2 songs before 2017 ends. So that’s what we’re going to do now for a while, concentrate on writing songs and recording.

But we have some shows in the pipeline for spring 2018, so stay tuned and we’ll talk about it as soon as we have it confirmed.

Here are some pics from the gig at Lepakkomies!
Take care and rock hard!


The safety belts are off…

The story of a band is not easy to tell.

A band is always the sum of every individual put together in a creative equation, so when we talk about how it started there is a lot of answers.
You could say it started when Toni first heard the mind blowing sound of Guns n’ Roses.
You could say it started when Henrik got his first set of drums.
You could say it started when Topias joined them in beginning of 2016 and the name SUPERDIESEL rose from the rehearsalroom.
You could say it started in November 2016  when Daniel decided that 6 years without being on a stage is enough…

What is perfectly clear is that we have released our first EP: Introducing: Superdiesel and we did our debutgig at Semifinal. Time will tell where we’ll go from here. But this we know:

The safety belts are off