Where will this trip take us, baby?

2018 have started with a bang in the Superdiesel universe. The new single “High On Your Love” is ready and released together with the music video and we’re doing what we can to use it to spread the word about the band. This phase in a bands story is both fun and frustrating when you struggle to get the attention that you think you deserve. But there is a lot of good bands out there and it’s hard to break through the wall of information that we all face. Anyway we’re happy that the song is out there, and lets see “where this trip will take us, baby”. If you wan’t to help out, make sure to put the song in your spotify playlists and share the video!

In other news we will participate in the Emergenza band competition/festival, wich at least will give us a fun gig in Helsinki with hopefully a big crowd. We would love to have you there to support us – join the event on facebook and we will get in touch about getting tickets.



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