Who will pick up the bass?


Superdiesel needs a new bass player – are you the one?
Superdiesel was formed in 2017 and have released one EP, a standalone single and one full length album. We are in the middle of promoting the album and doing shows but at the same time we’re working on next release. 

What we want from our new bassplayer is that he or she:

  • really likes our music
  • is prepared to put time, heart, soul and sweat in to this project
  • have a skill level that matches the music we make

What would be awesome is if:

  • you can sing backup vocals
  • you have ideas for new songs in our landscape of music
  • you have related skills like marketing, design, videomaking, producing et.c.

If you think you’re our new bassplayer – send us a mail at superdieselband@gmail.com


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