Break out reaches 280 000 plays on Youtube!

A little over a year after release, and we are happy that the songs from Elevate still finds new audience. One particular audience that we didn’t really expect was the AMV-scene (Anime music video). At some point a channel called Discovering Music picked up Break out, they put the anime character Tanjiro and some flames to watch over it and it started to fly.

After a while we got contacted by Gyuuki Nightcore, a nightcore artist that asked if it was ok to do nightcore versions of our songs, and we said sure and it seemed like the songs was very well suited for that kind of treatment. So far 260 000 people have seen the Superdiesel Nightcore versions

The latest addition is the biggest. The huge AMV channel Fidus made an AMV video of Break out and it has been watched over 220 000 times. It is really cool that your music can find ways to listeners that you never even dreamed of and it is also a sign that our songs works on a larger scale.

The first video, that opened the door to anime world.
Nightcore version of High on your love
AMV Version of Break out – 220 000 views as we speek

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