Superdiesel – Season 1 Recap

It all started way back in 2016 when lead vocalist Daniel joined the band in the dark cellars of megacorp Elisa. A desire to meet and make music started to evolve to something that actually had potential to reach out beyond the cellar walls. When the almighty riff of EXPLOSIONS first was heard then there was no discussion – we had to BREAK OUT.

The video for Explosions was recorded on our very first gig at Semifinal

First EP: introducing Superdiesel was released in spring 2017 and in august we had our first live performance at Semifinal, a night that generated fans that are still with us today (comment if you were there). After that we started to do gigs around Helsinki and also did some visits to other towns. Our sound kept on evolving and 2018 started with the release of HIGH ON YOUR LOVE. 2018 was also very much about the music competition Emergenza. It was a great way to expand our fanbase and it took us all the way to the final at legendary Nosturi stage. Another big leap in the Superdiesel saga is that Jere joined the band in march, which added extra layers to our sound.

Empowered by the response from the audience we began the work with an album. In december 2018 Superdiesel entered Sonic Pump Studios to make some magic! More about that here. The release was in march 2019 and the album got good response in media and we had an amazing release concert, again at Nosturi. However in the time following the album our bassplayer decided to quit the band and there was a time of trying to figure out who we were and what we wanted to do. We started to pick up speed and had a lot in the pipeline for spring/summer 2020 and then came corona…

Now we’re writing July 2020 and it feels like there is a new season of Superdiesel starting. We have an amazing single coming up and we will announce new concerts soon. Stay tuned for more Superdiesel!

SUPERSTAR will be released 10.7.2020


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