Superdiesel passes ONE MILLION STREAMS

Todays music market gets a lot of criticism for being commercialized and ruled by streaming platforms. While there is a lot of truth in those critics, the new way of buying and listening to music gives opportunities and power to the artist that quite frankly didn’t exist in the “good ol days”, if there even was days like that…

When you make music, one of the big dreams is that it will be heard, obviously. Back in the days you had to get the ear of a ambitious or powerful label to make sure your music reached out beyond the hometown or closest friends and relatives. But the tables have turned and now most of the industry tools has been made avaliable for everyone. You don’t need a mega budget to make your music heard, if your music is good enough you can give it wings and see it fly away if you put some effort into marketing and branding.

I see some (established) artist saying things like: “we’re musicians, not marketers or film makers”. To me it sound a little bit like dinosaurs that is watching the comet but are too lazy to start running. Anyway…
This was just a build up to announce that Superdiesel have had:


A newly formed band, without a label, that is struggling in the home scene still have the possibility to get their music out to millions! And isn’t that what it’s all about? That someone actually listens to and likes what you do? To me it’s freaking awesome to know that our music have been heard a million times!

But as you might have heard, a million streams doesn’t equals a million dollars. It doesn’t even equals a million fans. Our job is now to convert those streams into people who doesn’t just hear a good song and moves on, but to people who are excited for the next song and to see us live. On that road we still have a lot of job to do. But still…


(If you are interested, here are the current numbers:

– own channel: 22K
– other channels: 349K
– nightcore versions: 501K
TOTAL: 1 013 000 streams!
Since it is very hard to get trustworthy data from Facebook we didn’t include any numbers from that. But there should be a couple of thousand FB views as well )


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